If towing a caravan seems like a difficult or daunting task, you need to read our ebook on how to become a caravan towing pro.

In 10 simple steps you will learn what it takes to become a confident caravan tower, ready for your first adventure.


Expert advice from Australia's oldest caravan manufacturer.

From set-up to hitching, driving and reversing, we cover every step of the towing journey, with information and advice on:

  • caravan weights and legal towing masses
  • tow vehicles and their towing capacity
  • how to load a caravan so it's perfect to tow
  • hitching a caravan easily to a tow vehicle
  • how to drive when towing on the road
  • how to reverse into tight camp sites

If you can learn to drive then you can learn to tow. All it takes is these 10 simple steps, so download your free copy now!

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