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Roma Caravans was established in 1928 and Roma Caravans Melbourne has been one of the main caravan dealers Melbourne Victoria - wide for well over 50 years. We're proud to be a caravan dealer for Roma, which is among the first caravan brands to be registered in Australia.

Ours is a business where the emphasis is on quality and durability. There is no mass production. For every caravan sales we can guarantee a caravan that is individually designed and constructed under strict supervision. 

Quality Australian craftsmanship

Built in the heartland of Vic, we offer the highest quality engineering, design and workmanship of any range of caravan brand Australia-wide. We design to the strictest Australian design and safety standards, and are constantly adding innovative new features and details to keep up with the high expectations of modern caravan sales.

caravan community

Proud Australian caravan manufacturers, we are passionate about the caravan community, from grey nomads to families, weekenders and off road adventurers, and like to know what makes our customers tick. This inspires us to constantly innovate and continue building what we believe are Australia’s best compact, family and luxury caravans.


From the factory floor to when it arrives at our caravan dealers Melbourne Victoria location, we put our hearts into every custom caravan we build and every Roma caravan gets the Managing Director's personal seal of approval before it leaves the factory. We back all Melbourne caravan sales with a genuine 12 month warranty, for added peace of mind. And with bulletproof design and safety standards, you’ll have no problem out on the road or when it comes to caravan insurance.


Customisation is also key to what makes our Roma a unique caravan brand. Customers can choose to customise their caravans from scratch and even visit the factory floor to watch it being built from the ground up. It’s a highly personalised approach giving customers the option to build their ultimate dream caravan. Roma also offer a diverse range of caravan models, offering flexibility to buy straight from our caravan dealers Melbourne Victoria.

Reputation for quality

Achieving the highest safety standards, implementing new engineering innovations, finding greater levels of luxury...this is what inspires Roma to build caravans every single day. 

Roma Caravans dealers Melbourne Victoria is a caravan dealership proud of our reputation for quality, which comes from a longstanding existence in the Victoria and Au caravan sales marketplace and an honest relationship with its customers - many of whom come back again and again. We're looking forward to you joining the Roma Caravan dealers Melbourne family. 

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