The grey nomads have not only set the standards for adventure, but also finding creative ways to work on the move and have fun in the process. And this is all part of the adventure. Working while travelling can be far more fun and rewarding than you’d imagine. Not only does it give you the funds to keep exploring, it also helps you to stop for awhile, meet new people and get under the skin of a new place. 

So, if working while travelling is your plan, you’re probably wondering how to go about this to find the best jobs around? The following 10 tips will help you with this, so you can always keep feelers out and ear to the ground:

1. Check out the Grey Nomads site 

As well as tips on caravan travel, the grey nomads site also has a classifieds area with ‘help wanted’ and ‘work wanted’ sections. Here you can post up work you’re looking for in the areas you’ll be travelling to, as well a respond to jobs already posted in these areas. If you’ve already plotted out your route, you could post a ‘work wanted’ advert before you leave – for all the areas you'll be passing through – to see what comes your way.

2. Join the Grey nomads caravanners forum

This is also worthwhile doing before you head off, so you can ask questions about work along the way. This could be about work that’s popped up in the area you're travelling through (maybe even the caravan park you're about to stay in) to places grey nomads should avoid that may have a bad reputation for how they treat their workers.

3. Have good internet 

Perhaps you’re a freelancer and your plan is to work remotely, here and there, from the comfort of your luxury caravan.  Work can be found at anytime and from anywhere, so long as you have a good internet connection. Location is irrelevant, which makes it exciting times for the grey nomads travellers. 

4. Join a support service like the Workabout Australia club

Clubs likes this are all about supporting travellers, gviing them access to job resources and contacts while they travel. With membership comes job notifications, work advice and industry contacts to local employers who are looking for temporary workers. There is also an interactive map of Australia that you can zoom into, which shows you where the jobs are spread.

5. Look at a job aggregator website

Job aggregator websites like Jora and Indeed can be handy websites to check along the way, posting new jobs pulled from many different job sites, in both regional and urban areas of Australia. Many more casual, contract and temporary jobs pop up on these sites, plus labouring and factory type jobs, for people that want some quick and easy work.

6. Download the Seek app to your mobile

While much of Seek is dedicated to the professional services, it also has a wide spread of other jobs available in all the main regional areas. The good thing about a larger site like Seek is that it offers a whole range of job types from every corner of Australia, with many higher quality and longer term contract positions, which may suit you if you want to stay in a place for longer than originally planned.

7. Check out the Harvest trail site

Set up by the federal government with information on Australia's seasonal harvest trail and where you can find picking and farm jobs year round. You can also get more information on harvest towns you plan to stay at, what they can offer, and the produce they're famous for. 

8. Join Willing Workers on Organic Farms (Wwoof) 

This is a very successful and well known organisation that people from all over the world consult when they’re looking for working experience on an organic farm. By joining the Wwoof group you can contact organic farmers looking for help. Work isn’t paid, instead it’s usually in exchange for food and a place to stay, such as a camp site, plus learning how to farm and things like permaculture skills. Woofers nominate how long they will stay and then usually work for part of the day, or week, and then go out and explore the sight in their spare time.

9. Be part of the Poosh movement

Poosh is another great volunteer initiative where you can work on building projects and in return learn how to contruct an eco home. This is great for anyone interested in picking up building skills and wanting to have a collective and social experience with like-minded people who also love building and eco design.

10. Call local information centres

Information centres are a wealth of knowledge in all things local, from where to stay to finding work in a region, and can give you other handy resources to help you set yourself up and stay in the region for awhile. They can get you in contact with local employment centres, local producers looking for labourers and more.

Stop in and ask the locals

As well as using these helpful tools, nothing beats popping your head in at places you pass through, from farms to shops, to find out what's around. You never know what may cross your path. Jobs can come up randomly when you least expect it, and these are the best ones to find. When you're out and about, enjoying your big adventure, and something naturally comes your way.

Want to plan like a pro, from finding work to where to stay, before your next big caravan trip?