When it comes to caravan sales Melbourne providers, Roma Caravans has a proud history stretching back 88 years. The quintessential Australian caravan infused with modern technology embodies the spirit of Australian design and holds a special place in the world of caravanning Victoria and Australia-wide. 

One of the oldest established caravan manufacturers in Australia, the first Roma was built in 1928 and every model is built in the Vic heartland to this very day. Renowned for their high quality workmanship, they are loved by caravanners Melbourne and Australia-wide for their serious dedication to workmanship, safety, customisation and being 100% Australian-made. 

The Roma family

Treating everyone in the team like family, where knowledge is hard earnt and passed on from generation to generation, is what makes Roma Caravans such a unique and innovative caravan manufacturer. Current directors Tony Palmarini and Jack Conticello have been building Roma caravans for over 50 years, and their passion and expertise came from learning from the greats of caravan building, including Tony’s father Vittorio. 

The Roma of today is infused with this proud history of building high quality caravans perfectly suited to Australian conditions. When it’s a Roma, knowledge is never lost. From directors to fabriators to its caravan sales Melbourne dealership team, nearly one hundred years of caravan building knowledge and insight goes into every caravan built. 

The ever-evolving world of Roma Caravan Sales Melbourne

And as a dealership, Roma Caravan Sales Melbourne continues to set the lead in terms of the tastes and expectations of Australian caravanners:

“Where customers previously relied on caravan parks for their needs, such as power, water and amenities, we find today's traveller prefers to be independent. They require a product that is self-sufficient for several days or weeks so they can travel to more remote places, or stop anywhere along the way.”

Brendan Palmarini, Managing Director, Roma Caravans Melbourne

Today there are many more components that go into building a caravan as well as significant technological advances. The Australian caravanner has also changed; they are more informed, independent and have a better idea of what they want to the smallest level of detail. And this is where the customisation that is the Roma Caravans speciality, comes in.


Customisation is key to what makes Roma a unique caravan brand. Customers can choose to customise their caravans from scratch and even visit the factory floor to watch it being built from the ground up. It’s a highly personalised approach giving customers the option to build their ultimate dream caravan and foster a great relationship with Roma.

Roma also offer a diverse range of caravan models, offering flexibility to buy straight from the dealership or customise details from interior layouts to bedroom configurations, finishes and more.

And every model packs a punch when it comes to safety, innovation and what it can deliver to the modern Aussie caravanner.

The future looks like...

The future is always front and centre for Roma Caravan Sales Melbourne. Achieving the highest safety standards, implementing new engineering innovations, finding greater levels of luxury...this is what inspires Roma to build caravans every single day. And with manufacturing based at home they can keep an eye on every little detail from engineering to how they are sold. 

And because of this, Roma leads the pack when it comes to designing sophisticated, luxurious and highly practical caravans built with the Australian caravanner and environment in mind. And they are constantly evolving to meet the demands and tastes of the modern Australian market. Not only do they understand the changing expectations of the Australian caravanner – from grey nomads to families – inside out, but they also understand the Australian landscape and equip all their caravans with a high level of comfort and toughness to enable every customer to have an ultimate caravanning experience.

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