Wondering how to plan your ultimate caravan trip? Australia is a big place, and the options can get a little overwhelming. The good news is you can chunk down the planning process into manageable, bite-sized pieces using tools that make the whole process pretty easy.

If you don't have a particular destination in mind, the best idea is the grab a map of Australia, and mark on i the places you'd love to see. Here's a good approach to take:

1. Take an Eagle Eye View

There’s nothing more enjoyable than looking at our immense continent and realising the world of opportunity that awaits – plus, also a handy reminder that with such a big country to explore, planning really helps!


Google Maps: where you can plot your route with both a map and earth view and zoom in on campsites you plan to visit.

Hema Maps: road and topographic maps that are great for off road adventures, with up to 40,000 points of interest and even more maps to download.

2. Zoom in on the Detail

Once you've taken a broad approach and have an idea of the areas you'd like to see, a good idea when planning your caravan trip is to also seek advice from experienced caravanners in the know. Things like:

Asking friends and family that caravan regularly and can tell you about their favourite routes and trips.

Visiting caravan forums and asking seasoned caravanners for the inside scoop on the best trips and routes to take.

Talking to your caravan dealers and caravan industry associations to find out what trips their caravanners like the most.

Browsing tourism and state park websites, with information on good places to visit and stay for caravanners.

Looking up caravan park booking websites, with information on all caravan parks state or Australia-wide.

Reading posts from caravan bloggers and writers, with personal accounts of caravan trips and more.

Sourcing this kind of advice is invaluable before you commit to a set travel plan. You'll find most caravanners are absolutely passionate about their hobby and are happy to talk your ear off for hours about the places they've been!

3. Set Your Daily Itinerary

Once you have your routes you can then set a daily itinerary. Handy online tools you can use to plan a day-to-day itinerary include:

Go See Australia – Plan a Trip

Visit by Road – Plan an Itinerary

NRMA – Trip Planner

Any of these will give you a good estimate of the total distance and days you’ll be travelling, with the ability at any time to make adjustments on the go. Remeber, you don't want to spend too much time on the road- plan rest stops, petrol re-fills and overnight stays to make the experience relaxed and enjoyable for all.

A bit of planning goes a very long way in creating an itinerary for yourself that will take you on a caravan trip to remember.