The caravan towing course is something that is popping up all over Australia in response to a growing demand from caravanners to become confident caravan towers. But are they really worth it? Can they teach you enough of what you need to know to truly master the art of caravan towing? Here’s a look at what they offer so you can make this decision for yourself.

Who the course is for

A caravan towing course is generally aimed at beginners, with little to no experience of towing a caravan. However, that's not to say caravanners with more experience can't also get something out of doing a refresher course.

Courses can cater for a multiplicity of needs and skill levels, from beginner to the more experienced wanting to improve. You can specify what level you're at and they can adapt the course to match your learning needs. They can also also teach for on road or off road conditions, depending on what your preference is.


What you’ll learn

It’s easy to think that a caravan towing course is only about hitching and heading off – but they're a whole lot more than this. A good towing course will cover every part of the caravan towing process, including:

  • How to inspect your caravan for safety
  • What the Australian road rules are for towing
  • What the legal towing load limits 
  • How to calculate total payloads
  • What the legal trailer dimensions are
  • How to load your caravan properly
  • How to hitch a caravan to your tow vehicle
  • How to drive and manoeuvre while towing
  • How to reverse & brake 
  • How to conduct pre and post caravan inspections

So before you enrol, make sure the course you choose offers all these learning modules; all vital steps to becoming a caravan towing pro.


What course to choose

Ok, so now you have an idea of what a caravan towing course should offer, the next step is to find a course that is reputable and high quality. This is important for both your safety and peace of mind. 

To establish this check the provider is:

  • a member of the caravan & camping industry for the state you’re in
  • nationally accredited as an education provider
  • uses fully qualified driving instructors and caravan experts
  • recommended by your caravan dealer
  • has four star reviews from past students and industry experts

These are all really important to tick off your list before signing up. Also check that they can offer a guarantee for safety in their terms & conditions to make sure you're covered in a learning environment. 


What you need to bring

On the day you can either bring your own caravan or hire one for the day. Caravan hire can be organised by the towing school and comes at an additional cost on top of your course fee. 

To tow on the day, you need to have an up-to-date drivers license, and if you have your own caravan ensure that it is fully registered, insured and legally allowed to be towed on the road.


How long do they go for?

Courses generally run for a full day and can be organised for either on or off road conditions.

People can learn solo, in pairs, or for corporate group needs. Courses generally use at least two qualified caravan driving instructors on the day, both with years of experience, who will take you through every step of learning how to tow.

By the end of the day you will have covered all the essentials for effective caravan towing, and your job from here is to keep practising what you’ve learnt. Regular practice is essential to get the most out of the course. The more you drive, the more natural it will feel and the more likely you'll want to go caravanning more often. 


Where you can find a course

Caravan towing courses offered nationally and in each state, include:

What you’ll get from a caravan towing course

As you can see a caravan towing course will teach you a lot more than hitching your caravan to your car. It’s a whole series of steps that need to be followed closely and correctly. Get one thing wrong you'll have to go back and correct this before you can continue.

Knowledge is power, and in this instance a caravan towing course is all about giving drivers the confidence and right techniques to know exactly what to do every step of the way. And anything that can improve towing safety and give caravanners more driving pleasure has got to be a good thing right?

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