Planning a big lap around Australia and want to book the best caravan sites every time? Every day you’re away is precious and the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time hunting for caravan sites only to find they’re either booked out or don’t meet your standards. And while jumping in your caravan and just heading off sounds like fun, to stay in the best caravan sites every time planning is essential.

A little bit of research goes a long, long way

Doing some research first will save you a huge amount of time and potential tears down the track. It will help give you an idea of what caravan parks and free sites are around and important details like:

  • site facilities, from powered sites to toilets
  • site sizes for small to luxury caravans
  • site pricing, for high and low season
  • site location & availability, year round
  • how many nights you need to book
  • number of sites and if the caravan park is big or small
  • site rules, i.e. no generators allowed
  • if pets are allowed or not
  • permits required in state and national parks.

These are the benefits of doing research, while not doing your research first could mean you’re ill prepared for the site you turn up to or all the good sites are booked out.

Plot out your caravan stops

Once you have an idea of what’s around then you can start plotting out your route and book sites in advance, following the route you want to take.

For holiday seasons, booking as early as possible is advisable as many of the best sites book out even up to a year in advance.

Great tools to help you find caravan park sites Australia-wide include: 

Not only will you get caravan park information, but also user reviews of what the quality of the site and facilities are like. These are great to read and compare with information shown on the caravan park’s website.

If something isn’t available or you see a caravan park worth driving further for, this may alter the direction you take. It will also give you an idea of what you need to pack and bring along with you so you can holiday to the level of comfort that you expect.

For free camping, check the site conditions

Free camping sites in state and national parks can be wonderful places to set up and stay. They also can change quite quickly depending on things like weather conditions, road accessibility and maintenance regularity.

Given this, it’s important you check with the state or national park you'll be visiting to find out the status of their camp sites, including:

These websites will give you the most up-to-date details of it’s camping ground’s requirements and conditions, such as:

  • if it’s caravan friendly
  • the easiest routes to take to get to the site
  • if it has power, water or toilets on site
  • what road accessibility is like
  • if the roads are sealed on unsealed
  • times in the year it may be closed
  • if it’s closed for maintenance or due to poor weather conditions
  • permits you may need to pay for to visit the park.

Take advantage of deals in advance

Often caravan sites will offer deals such as a free night’s accommodation, particularly in the low seasons and on weekdays.

The easiest way to find these deals is to check the caravan park’s websites and subscribe to their newsletters.

Caravanner forums, clubs and associations are also worth joining to take advantage of vouchers and discounts they may offer their members. Clubs you could consider joining include:

They can also let members know caravan parks that are offering up accommodation deals and caravan events that are worthwhile booking in for in advance.

More time for adventure

Booking caravan sites in advance doesn’t have to take the adventure out of caravan travel. In fact, it can achieve quite the opposite.

With everything organised, your sites booked, and route set, you’ll have more time for fun and exploration. And as you drive, instead of fretting about finding your next site, you can enjoy the view, visit the sights and arrive to a site at your leisure, knowing you’ve got a great spot and will be sleeping well tonight. 

Ready to start planning for your next big caravan trip?