Licensed caravan dealers Melbourne and beyond can be the best source of information when it comes to caravan towing.

There may be many questions that run through your mind, with things like what kind of caravan to buy, whether you have the right set-up, and are you capable of towing a caravan safely on the road? The answer is, yes of course, if you get the right advice on how to prepare. And one of the best ways to do this is by getting face to face with a local dealer, so you can ask all the right questions and see exactly what they mean

So the next time you’re looking at a caravan, ask your dealer the following questions, to help set your mind at ease.


Do I have the right vehicle to tow a caravan?

When looking at caravans, your dealer is obligated to recommend a new or used caravan that is suited to the vehicle you already have.

Things they will want to establish when it comes to your tow vehicle, include:

  • It’s weighs at least 30% the weight of your chosen caravan, fully laden
  • It has a tow ball that weights at least 10% the weight of a caravan, fully laden
  • For heavier caravans over 4Tonne, you have a vehicle or SUV built for this kind of towing
  • It is sturdy, strong and reinforced so it can handle the weight of the caravan
  • It has good up-to-date tyres and suspension to tow your caravan safely.

If you own a vehicle that isn’t up for the job, they can give yo advice on other vehicle types caravanners use, or things you can do to reinforce your car and get it ready for towing.

Is the caravan too heavy for my car?

Once you know the maximum weight your vehicle can legally carry, a dealer can then show you caravans that are the right size and weight for your car to tow. 

They can also give you advice on how to load your caravan properly, so you have the right balance for a safe and smooth ride. Keep in mind all the extra weight you will be loading into your caravan. Get into the habit of weighing it all before you pack, so you don't go over the weight limits set.

To be extra sure you know how much your fully-laden caravan weighs, you can also ask your dealer where the nearest weigh bridge is and take your rig there to weigh it for 100% certainty.

Can I customise the caravan to suit my travel?

Perhaps you have your heart set on a luxury or family caravan and want it adapted to suit your exact needs. In this case, ask your dealer what customisation options they offer. Some will be the direct dealership of a manufacturer and will be able to build a caravan exactly to your specifications. If they’re local you’ll also be able to go and visit the factory floor and watch it being built from the ground up.

How do I hitch the caravan to my car?

A dealer can show you how to hitch your caravan of choice to your tow vehicle. It’s very important you test this out before purchasing your caravan. If it doesn’t hitch on for some reason, then this is an expensive mistake to find out after buying!

Ask you dealer to take you through the steps of hitching. This is the best way to learn. They will give you advice on things like:

  • The key components that are part of the hitch set up
  • What safety accessories can help you tow more smoothly
  • The right place to park your caravan before hitching
  • The best way to reverse your vehicle to meet your caravan
  • The main steps to hitching your caravan to your car
  • Key tips on driving with a caravan behind 

You can also consult online videos on towing best practice, to step you through what to do.

Can you recommend any caravan towing courses?

Caravan dealers Melbourne have a lot of knowledge gained from their customer’s experiences, as well as word-of-mouth from within the caravan industry.

Here, they’ll be able to let you know about good local towing courses to consider and others that are a complete waste of time. This advice is invaluable, ensuring you don't throw money away on a course that doesn't suit the kind of caravanning you want to do.

Dealers can also give you advice on good places to practice on your own, so you can start building up your towing confidence.

How can I sortthe reputable caravan dealers Melbourne from the rest?

It’s important you always go through a licensed dealer with RVMAP accreditation. They have a duty of care to sell you caravans that match your tow vehicle and meet all the Australian design and safety requirements. The other value you can get from talking to a caravan dealer Melbourne, is advice on things like caravan insurance, registration specifics, and driving tips to keep you safe and fuel efficient on the road.

And this is just scratching the surface. Good dealers you can trust, are all about developing long-term friendships with their customers, so that at any time you have a question or need advice you don’t hesitate to call them up or pop in.

Got some more questions you want answered on how to tow your caravan confidently? Download our free guide 10 steps to becoming a caravan towing pro