One of the best things about joining a caravaners forum is meeting like-minded people passionate about their RVs and caravan travel. Joining up is a free and simple process and you can get involved in any discussion you want – or even start your own! And you’ll meet some really interesting people in the process, offering tried and tested advice from their years of caravanning experience. 

Discuss any topic under the sun

On these forums you can ask questions, post advice and get involved in ongoing discussions on any caravan topic that interests you, from loading your caravan to finding the right caravan tyre pressure. No topic is off limits. All you have to do is post a question and wait. And you may receive responses from caravaners in the most suprising locations, from Broome to Launceston, each with their own unique and local advice.

Learn from experienced caravanners

Some caravaners will have the depth of experience to tell you all the ins and outs when it comes to towing a caravan, with advice on things like:

  • the value of a caravan towing course
  • the quality of components fitted, such as a tow ball
  • what defines an off road to luxury caravan
  • the dos and don’t of hitching techniques
  • storage advice for smooth and light towing
  • what to pack in case you break down
  • caravan brands and how well they tow

Keep in mind, however, that all forum advice is subjective and informal, and shouldn't be taken as gospel. Instead use it to lend more insight and perspective on the caravan topics you're researching.

Get the inside scoop on caravans

Many caravaners form deep attachments to their caravans and will be able to tell you everything about them, including the features and quirks that make them lovable and unique. And when something goes wrong they will also let you know. And this is what a caravan forum is for. 

What you’re finding out is not the glossy version of something, but rather the stripped down, bare bones version of what its like to own and tow a caravan. And this advice is invaluable.

You may be just about to buy a caravan that’s on sale, it seems like a bargain but you wonder 'is it too good to be true?'. A caravaners forum can expose any underlying reason why a deal may be cheaper than normal coming from people who have made the purchase themselves. 

And while some caravaners will cling to a certain brand, within a well-discussed topic you'll start to see general consensus from caravaners responding to the post. While no two answers will be the same, similar advice will start to pop up many times telling you the things you may need to look out for. 

Meet and mingle

One of the other great opportunities about joining a caravaners forum is that it can also connect you with other passionate caravanners and keep you up-to-date with the latest caravanning news, events and activities going on in the areas you're travelling. 

When you're on the road, you can also get quick tips on things like routes to take, roads to avoid, caravan DYI advice, great places to stay, and more. And from this, you may also meet a cohort of other caravan travellers to tour with and share your love for being on the road.

What caravaners forum should I choose?

To find the forum that suits you, have a look around and get a feel for the kind of topics being discussed. Some forums may be dedicated to technical issues or have more of a focus on the social and travel aspects of caravanning.

Forums that are worthwhile checking out, include: 

  • Caravaners forum: for caravanners, campers and motorhomes, from RV electrics to trip reports and photo of the month.
  • The Grey Nomads: forum discussions on topics ranging from travelling solo to craft hobbies and get togethers.
  • Go See Australia: with travel and towing tips, a newbies corner, travel alerts, swap a recipe and more.

Make the caravanning world feel small

Tapping into the wisdom of experienced caravanners is well worth doing. It gives you inside information on caravan topics and helps make the world of caravanning a smaller and more intimate place. It also offers the opportunity for you to meet people that can help you out with caravan questions an owner's manual can't answer. And this kind of insight is worth it's weight in gold.

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