When you’re searching for caravans Melbourne and beyond, make sure you look for RVMAP accreditation. While it may seem secondary to the real mission of finding a new caravan, in reality it’s the the first thing you should look for when researching caravan manufacturers and their associated caravan dealers.


What is RVMAP?

The Recreational Vehicle Accreditation Program (RVMAP) is a voluntary Compliance and Accreditation Program. RVMAP Accredited Manufacturers must show an active commitment to consistently manufacture product which adheres to all relevant Australian Design Rules (ADRs), regulations and Australian Standards.

RVMAP also gives consumers a reliable guide of what to look out for when buying a new caravan. When you buy from an accredited manufacturer, you can be sure you are buying a caravan built to the highest Australian standards.

What RVMAP accreditation means

“RVMAP ensures manufacturers in its program understand and apply the latest Australian design rules and Australian standards applicable to recreational vehicle manufacturing in Australia.”

Before RVMAP there were no clear standards, leaving many buyers at risk of purchasing unsafe caravans unsuited to the Australian climate. With caravans being such a big investment, the importance of having a program like RVMAP was therefore essential to give greater assurance to consumers and set build and safety standards high for manufacturers.

With RVMAP, caravan manufacturers must abide by the a set of rules and standards when it comes to the design, manufacture and fitting of:

  • gas and electricals
  • towing & undercarriage equipment
  • suspension and braking
  • legal caravan weights

Members are also bound by a Code of Ethics and Code of Practice that go way beyond government standards. Manufacturers have a clear duty of care to nurture the industry and look after the interests of consumers. RVMAP members are expected to:

  • uphold fair competition, with no monopolies
  • do business in a dignified manner
  • foster and assist the industry
  • honour the laws on state and national level
  • be respectful of competition
  • fulfill warranties, contracts and payments

These help to uphold the integrity of the industry and look after consumers, while anything that wavers from this code can disqualify a manufacturer from the RVMAP program. 

What defines a RVMAP manufacturer

Roma Caravans Melbourne is a great example of what it takes to become a RVMAP manufacturer. 

One of Australia’s oldest caravan manufacturers, we have always been passionate about building high quality caravans, perfectly suited to Australian conditions and with impeccable safety standards, making it a perfect fit for the program. 

Factors that define us as a RVMAP caravan manufacturer, include:

  • Caravans 100% designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Built to the highest Australian design and safety standards 
  • Indepth knowledge of the Australian consumer and environment 
  • Use of the latest design and technology to constantly innovate and stay up to date with industry standards
  • Following a strict of code of practice and ethics to look after our customers and the industry, from the factory floor through to our caravan dealerships 
  • Only selling through licensed dealers like Roma Caravans Melbourne, and priding ourselves on our duty of care to customers, offering a great warranty and protection under consumer laws

These are all central to the way Roma designs, builds and sells its caravans, and reflects what RVMAP wants to promote in Australian manufacturers. A huge supporter and advocate of the Australian caravan industry – integrity, safety and being built for the modern Aussie caravanner is what typifies a true Roma caravan as well as fostering the industry to constantly innovate, keep standards high and get more Australians out there caravanning.

How to look out for a RVMAP manufacturer 

Caravan manufacturers are given a RVMAP accreditation key, which symbolises that the manufacturer meets all RVMAP standards for every caravan they build.

To ensure that standards are met, RVMP closely monitors accredited manufacturers to ensure their commitment to producing caravans that meet all the design laws and safety standards set out. It’s also acts as a mentor to educate and empower manufacturers to be the best they can be in every way. It’s technical advisers work closely with industry to keep them up to date with regulation changes and tech advances, plus provide technical publications to assist in adapting to new standards and modifications required. 

5 key reasons a consumer would purchase a RVMAP accredited product

  • The manufacturer is committed to consistently building a product which adheres to the relevant Australian Design Rules, Australian Standards and all other relevant regulations
  • Confidence in knowing the manufacturers products are regularly and independently audited
  • The manufacturer is committed to working with industry to improve industry standards as well as their own product improvement
  • The manufacturer voluntarily chooses to part of the industry accreditation program (RVMAP) as a representation of their commitment to compliance
  • Accredited manufacturers have unlimited access to extensive technical support to ensure their industry and product knowledge is continually updated.

The beauty of assurance

Looking for a RVMAP manufacturer is a must when it comes to buying caravans Melbourne and beyond, as without this protection you will have no background on the reputation of who you’re buying from. 

With RVMAP you can be assured there is transparency in caravan manufacturing, with a clear history of compliance, from engineering and design to safety standards. All the RVMAP boxes have been ticked and you can feel confident in the caravan you're purchasing.

And there's nothing like the beauty of assurance!

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