A caravan is a big purchase. It could be a dream you’ve had for decades you’re about to finally realise, or you’re tentatively dipping your toe into a whole new, exciting way of life. Either way, with an important decision to make about what is the best caravan for you when shopping for caravans in Melbourne, it pays to consider what type suits your personality and needs. Here we take you through your options to help make the process a bit easier.



An on road standard caravan is versatile, easy to tow and 3-10 metres long. It includes:

  • Kitchen
  • dining table
  • lounge
  • bathroom and toilet
  • beds for 2-6 people
  • storage
  • gas cooking
  • heating and cooling
  • water storage

…and more          



This is a great choice for couples of families of up to 6 people, who are working with a medium-high budget. If you’re well versed in travelling, want to go a variety of distances and prefer the security of highways and caravan parks, this could be a great choice when your browsing for caravans in Melbourne. If you like your creature comforts and want a homely feel in a spacious van, and not be troubled by a lengthy set up and pack down process, consider an on road Standard.

Ideal for – couples or families, with a medium-high budget who enjoy their creature comforts.



A pop top caravan is a small, compact vehicle with low ceilings that offers a lid that pops up to increase standing room. It has smaller interior space with less storage and creature comforts, but it’s smaller frame makes it more aerodynamic, so it’s cheaper to tow.     



If you’re fairly new to on-road travelling, have a low to medium budget and want to just dip your toe into the caravanning experience, this might be a good choice for you. If you want to keep your trips on the shorter side, and travel light, pop ups are smaller in size, lighter and easy to transfer from place to place. pop ups work well for people who don’t have a lot of storage space for a caravan at home, and you need to store your caravan in a confined space or garage- no modifications required (ideally keep your pop up height to less than 2.1 metres for ease of storage) 

Ideal for- new or younger travellers with a smaller budget. 



An off road caravan allows you to travel on unsealed dirt roads for extended periods, with the same creature comforts as an on road van. Off road vans have stronger frames, which are raised off the ground, and stronger chassis vs other models for off road conditions. It’s a heavier caravan, strong and sturdy so it can withstand the off road experience.        



If you’re a seasoned traveller and like to visit more isolated, off-the-grid destinations for extended periods, this could be a good choice for you. Keep in mind sometimes with these more isolated off-road destinations you may need back up power, water and storage. An off road van will require a medium to high budget.

Ideal for- couples or families, seasoned travellers who like to explore different destinations beyond caravan parks and bitumen road.



A folding caravan, like the name suggests, can be folded out from a lower trailer to a full height caravan. It’s compact, light-weight and easy to tow so ideal for those new to towing or a bit unsure about their towing ability. It takes a bit of time to erect this style of caravan when you arrive on site, and has a more confined space and less storage than other models.   



If you are a couple or family with a small to medium budget, and don’t require anything too fancy, this could be for you. A folding caravan offers all the essential mod cons but is on the basic side. It’s the ideal van for you if you’re happy to drive to a location, set up and stay for an extended period. It can generally be stored in a confined space like your garage with no problem.

Ideal for- couples or families who enjoy the caravan experience but aren’t looking to move from place to place too frequently. Not for those looking for luxury, just a good, basic level of creature comforts.



As the name suggests, if the standard models aren’t quite what you’re after, then you might want to consider building your own van from scratch or adapting an existing one. If you have the time and budget, this can be a way to really immerse yourself in the experience and bring home something that is truly perfect for your needs. Once you’ve researched the caravan options in Melbourne and decided what you’re after, you can watch the process from the ground up.      



If you have the time to spend designing and waiting for the build, and a medium to large budget, this might be for you. You can create for yourselves your optimum level of comfort, and the caravan you’ve always had in mind as your ideal fit.

Ideal for- couples who have the budget and time to create something truly personal. You have a clear idea of your ideal caravan and how you would like to travel.

Remember, before you embark on your research of caravans available in Melbourne, sit down and write a list of all your ‘must haves’:


Preparing to buy the right caravan

Before you set off to the showrooms take time to answer these questions and take them along to a dealer. These pointers are a good place to start:

  1. List everything you want in the caravan then classify them into ‘You Wish’ & “You Need’ (This could include: Do you require an awning or full annexe; Will you cook inside or outside or both; Do you require a toilet/shower).
  2. Where do you plan to go in your caravan in the next two years? (Calculate how many trips and total distance. Also consider travelling on roads, off roads etc)
  3. Where will you store the caravan? (Calculate the maximum height restriction)
  4. What is the towing capacity of your vehicle? (Match the caravan to your car)
  5. How much space do you need inside? (Consider how many people will sleep in it and storage requirements)
  6. What is more important: the comforts of home or economy of light travel?


Want find out more about what to look for in your perfect caravan? Download our guide to buying an ultimate caravan in 2017.