Are you planning on caravanning Australia? Maybe it's a big caravan adventure, and you have your itinerary sorted and are now in that wonderful place of anticipating what's to come? It doesn't get much better than that. You know how important planning your trip is, and this is usually a fun, exciting process.

As fun as the anticipation is, it pays to remember that even the best laid plans can all go awry at the drop of a hat. This could completely derail your trip, or merely cause you to course correct, if you have an emergency plan in place. Here are some factors to plan for before you leave:

Health Emergencies

Do you take any regular medication, and/or have any existing conditions you need to manage? You don't want to rely on trying to find a chemist when you're on the road.

Pay a visit to your GP, have them give you a good check over and get new scripts to fill before you go.

We might be fit, active and steady on our feet, but we all take tumbles and have health emergencies that need tending to. Often these can be managed with a well stocked First Aid Kit, but it's worth booking yourself on an accredited First Aid Course as you just might need to equip yourself with the knowledge to act quickly in a health emergency.

Find an accredited First Aid Course to take before you leave, and purchase a good quality, well-stocked first aid kit.

Vehicle Emergencies

Even if you're a seasoned traveller, and caravanning Australia is an absolute walk in the park for you, even well-maintained vehicles have issues occasionally. You'll need to make sure you're prepared to manage a break down in the remotest of locations, to at least get to a place where you can be spotted by a tow truck. A well-stocked toolbox including zip ties, electrical tape, a spanner set, WD40 spray and rope is essential.

If you venture off your route by accident or design and run into trouble, get yourself an emergency beacon and satellite phone. Mobile phone coverage can be patchy, no matter who your provider, so don't rely on this.

Consult with your mechanic or caravan retailer to find out what you need to cover off all eventualities for your particular vehicle.

What to do if you have an accident

  1. Assess the damage - try to move to the side of the road, ensure everyone is ok, secure any belongings that may have shifted.
  2. Call your insurance company - understand what is included in your policy. Take photos of the accident to provide your insurer, get a copy of the police report, get the other driver's details if applicable.
  3. Keep some emergency cash on hand - in case you need repairs done immediately, you don't want your trip delayed while you wait on your insurance claim to be approved.

You also want to make sure that all your personal details from insurance to health cover are valid and up-to-date, including your:

  • Caravan insurance with roadside assistance.
  • Ambulance cover for all the states you’re travelling.
  • Health insurance & Medicare card, if you need to visit a doctor or hospital.

Good planning is essential to having a fantastic holiday. Plan your route, your itinerary and plan for the unexpected. If the worst happens you'll be well prepared so you'll be able to stay calm and put into place your plan, so the incident is as non-disruptive as it can be.