If towing is the one thing stopping you from caravanning Australia, the following resources will help you master the art of caravan towing. 

From loading your caravan to hitching it to your tow vehicle, these resources cover every step of the towing process so you can hit the road feeling confident and in control.

11 caravan towing guides

Here’s what you need to read: 

  1. 10 steps to becoming a caravan towing pro: a comprehensive guide from Roma Caravans on everything you need to know about towing for caravanning Australia, from loading your caravan to hitching, driving and reversing into a caravan site.
  2. The National Caravan and Recreational Towing Guide: a guide packed with technical information and handy hints for towing on the road.
  3. Caravan buyer’s guide: an independent guide to buying a caravan in Australia, including comprehensive coverage of the principles and guidelines behind making the right caravan buying decision and the importance of towing.
  4. The beginners guide to towing a caravan safely: a guide from camplify, with tips on how to tow safely for your first time.
  5. Understanding towing capacity: from tare mass to payload, a great article that untangles technical caravan jargon around caravan towing, to keep you better informed when caravanning Australia.
  6. Complete guide to towing a caravan: a great resource set up by Driver knowledge Tests, for beginner caravanners who are about to take to the road with a caravan in tow.
  7. How to load you caravan: some simple tips on the right way to load your caravan before you start towing on the road.
  8. Changing a tyre on a caravan: Without a Hitch takes you step by step through the process of changing a caravan tyre safely.
  9. Best 10 vehicles for towing: if you’re considering purchasing a new tow vehicle, Car Guide rates the best cars for towing.
  10. Towing Tips to help make towing a caravan easier: some good driving tips for when you’re towing a caravan, to help make it a smoother, safer and more enjoyable ride.
  11. The best caravan driving courses in Australia: a good article  to read if you’re considering taking a caravan towing course before you hit the road.

3 caravan towing videos

As well as reading up on towing, viewing how it’s done is also important. Here are some great videos you should view:

Now you're ready for caravanning Australia

With all of these handy resources, you should now know how to load your caravan properly, hitch it to your car safely and drive with the right tow etiquette when carvanning Australia. 

Now the only thing left to do is to implememt your great travel plan. Don't have one? That's ok. We can help you start planning now.