Understanding caravan prices and the difference between a great buy and the ones to avoid is a something you can determine easily if you’ve done the right research first. 

Knowing the kind of caravan type you’re looking for, the budget you have to work with, what defines a luxury caravan, and what may lurk behind a ‘bargain’, are the things you want to know well before you get lost into a world of deals and prices – and possibly buy a caravan that’s not right for your needs.

So to help guide you in the right direction, these are the things you need to determine when comparing caravan prices.

The kind of caravan you’re looking for

What kind of caravan really hits the mark in your search? Would you like it to be a home on the road? And off road machine that you can take on 4x4 bush trails? A family caravan you can stay in every summer holiday? Answering this will bring you closer to choosing a caravan that complements your travel style. And here's an idea of what's around:

  • Luxury caravans: known for their spacious interiors, high quality finishes, slide out sides, customisation options and premium mod cons. 
  • Family caravans: known for their flexible living and sleeping spaces so your family can grow into your caravan, with the essential mod cons on board.
  • Small caravans: known for being lightweight, easy to tow, reverse and store, with any level of luxury and mod cons you want.
  • Off road caravans: known for being strong, sturdy and built for off road rigours, with all the off road features from heavy duty tyres to 4WD braking and suspension.

These differences in caravan models are important to understand, as they will also influence caravan prices and what budget you need to aim for.

The budget you can afford

Do you have the budget for the caravan of your dreams? There’s a general price range for caravan models that you can use to get an idea of what caravan types you can afford. 

  • $15,000–$50,000: fold-down caravans and pop-tops with basic creature comforts.
  • $30,000–$70,000: pop-top models to full sized caravans with more creature comforts, from a kitchen to lounge, ensuite, bedroom and more.
  • $70,000–$150,000: fully customised caravans with premium engineering & design, spacious rooms, high quality fittings, luxury kitchens, premium furnishings, finishes and more.

This is a general caravan price guide, and will vary considerably based on things like the features you want added to your caravan, workmanship, interior finishes and build quality.

What a bargain may really mean

You may see a great bargain that blows any price range out of the water, but always stop to think about what a ‘bargain’ may really mean.

While the price looks great, what about the caravan itself? Is it manufactured from high quality materials? Built to the best Australian design and safety standards? Does it come with a good warranty and servicing options? How does it handle being towed on the rougher Australian roads?

Take your time looking into these caravan prices and what they really mean. You want to be sure that a deal ticks all the right boxes before you make such a big purchase. And this is vital if budget is important to you, as buying a poor quality caravan will hit you in the wallet later, with the cost of more repairs and maintenance needed.

How you can save for a caravan

If purchasing a caravan is on your radar but still a long-term plan, a good way to set everything in motion is to come up with a solid savings plan. This will help you to chip away in a less painless and potentially faster way than ever imagined.

To save and reach your budget goals, the following online tools are a great help:

As well as saving, you could also consider a caravan loan, but only if you’re in a good position to refinance it. If it is an option you want to explore, you’ll be surprised by how many competitive loans are out there from different lenders. To find out more, a good place to start is with a caravan loan comparison tool

Think beyond caravan prices

Beyond prices, you also want to look beneath the varnish of a sparkly new caravan and see what kind of character sits at its core. Visit licensed caravan dealers and inspect as many caravans as you can. This will give you a good idea of space, layout, the quality of finishes, and if it’s as good as it looks online. Trusting your instinct will tell you pretty quickly if you've found the right caravan or need to keep looking until you find the real deal inside and out.

Found a great caravan and now want to take a trip?