So you've done your research and have plans to buy yourself a little gem of a caravan. Congratulations! Big or small, you're bound to have the caravan holiday of a lifetime, if you take the time to plan it out a little. Involve your family, friends - whoever is joining you on the trip in the planning, as that gets everyone excited, invested in having a great time, and just generally creates a lot of excitement about the whole idea.

To help you plan your amazing caravan holiday, we've put together a list of questions to help get the thinking process going. This will help you decide the next steps; what sort of caravan and equipment you'll need, the precautions to take, and the perfect locations to go. Start by thinking about:


1. What kind of caravan holiday do I want to take?

Weekend travel throughout the year?

School holiday trips, which will be a few times a year?

Longer trips 1-2 months once or twice a year?

A big trip around Australia for up to a year?

Indefinite travel with no end date in mind?


2. Where do I want to go?

On road and mostly on highways?

Off road on unsealed tracks and trails? If so, make sure you read our guide to off-road towing.

A mix of on road and off road?


3. Who will I be travelling with?


A partner?

Children? A caravan holiday with kids, are you crazy?! You'll need some tips.

Pets? If you're thinking of taking your dog, here are 15 places in Victoria that will be happy to have you camping with mans' best friend.


4. How far and long will I be travelling?

Short distance trips, say 0-200km?

Medium distance trips, of between 200-1,000km?

Longer trips, of 1,000 kms or more?

The Big Lap and more, which could be as much as 10,000+ kms?


5. What style of travel am I looking for?

Light and basic with minimal creature comforts?

Medium comfort level with basic mod cons on board? If you're bringing more than the essentials on your holiday, we have some caravan storage tips for you.

Luxury with all the mod cons and add-ons for a full home on the road?


6. Where do I want to stay?

In caravan parks with all the amenities? Check out our guide to the best caravan parks from Melbourne to Adelaide.

In free camp sites with basic amenities?

Completely off grid and 100% self-sufficient? You'll want to read our thoughts on being self-sufficient when free camping then!

A mix of a few, from caravan parks to camp sites and roadside spots?


7. What is my budget?

Can you only afford to stay in free caravan sites?

Will you need to work along the way? Here are 10 resources to help you if you need to be working while travelling.

Do you have a comfortable budget to travel for as long as you like? Lucky!


8. Do you have a caravan that is up for the job?

I have an old caravan and need to upgrade it first. Our Guide to Buying The Ultimate Caravan might be your next best step then.

I want to buy a new caravan and need to decide what type to buy, such as a luxury caravanfamily caravan or an off road caravan.

I have the right caravan for the kind of travel I want to do.