“You can never overdo luxury”

— French proverb

When it comes to buying a new luxury caravan, what elevates your purchase from from the ordinary to the extraordinary is a combination of many things. It includes the ability to customise the layout to your heart's content, absolute trust in the quality of the build, the comfort and luxury of its interiors, the thoughtfulness of its clever storage, the beauty of an prestige appliance, and many more things that will continue to excite and entice you for years to come.

But we think that beyond a long list of features, what makes a luxury caravan is its ability to shift you to a new state of mind that relies on feeling total comfort and relaxation. While luxury may mean different things to different people, there are several common aspects that you will find in true luxury caravans that make them stand out from the rest. 

1. Customisation

Customisation is the ultimate luxury when buying a caravan. When you buy a custom-built caravan you can be a part of the entire build process, from design and layout to specifying its fit-out and finishes, working closely with the caravan manufacturer, such as Roma, to design your dream caravan.

Custom caravans give you the luxury to specify any detail from size and configuration of your caravan's external and internal spaces to the smaller details of what kind of fabrics, furniture, appliances, benchtops, sinks, door handles, storage solutions, mattresses and more you want in your luxury caravan. If you live close enough to a manufacturer you can also watch it being built from the ground up, visiting at key stages of the build.

Customisation helps match a caravan exactly to your tastes and travel style, which is the purest form of luxury; a caravan that meets your expectations, reflects your personality and shouts ‘you’ from the inside out.

You may like to see some more about how we build our custom caravans.


2. Workmanship & build

Quality workmanship from the get-go is essential in a luxury caravan. It will dictate the reliability, comfort and longevity of your purchase as well as giving you that ‘feel good’ factor when using it. Given this, researching caravan manufacturers is an essential first step.

Research will help you establish the history of the company, quality of the workmanship and integrity of the build. If your caravan manufacturer has been in business for many years, with a reputation for quality and design, and with customers that love what they do, then you can feel more secure that you’re on the right track to finding a high-quality luxury caravan. Ways to research caravan manufacturers includes checking their website, reading online caravan reviews, visiting caravan forums and talking to caravan owners about their experiences. The more positive feedback you hear on a luxury caravan, the more you can trust that it is a good investment.

Provenance is also important to establish how high the manufacturing standards are on the factory floor. Australian manufacturers, have to build according to all Australian engineering, design, safety and consumer law protections. They also only deal with licensed dealers and will only sell caravans that adhere to all state and national road and safety laws.

And then there are the interior elements explored in the next few sections, which add more layers to what makes up a luxury caravan.


3. Space & flexibility 

While space isn’t everything, and in some instances may not be what you’re looking for, often when it comes to luxury caravans, just a little more space can give you greater flexibility to fit in all your dream features, from a spacious lounge room to a separate bedroom with ensuite, and will give you much more ability to play with the floorplans until you get the right configuration. With more space you can fit in larger kitchens, additional beds, bathrooms with showers, extra storage, mod cons and more. 

If space isn’t your thing, and ‘compact’ and ‘lightweight’ are the key features you’re looking for in a caravan, then luxury is reflected more through the use of larger windows, slimline furniture and clever storage solutions to create a greater sense of spaciousness and comfort. 

The Alto caravan is a good example of this. While more compact than our other models, it still packs a punch in terms of luxury, from its cutting edge design to its fit-out and how it well it handles when being towed. Made entirely from high quality composite materials and aluminium, it is lightweight, aerodynamic, compact, with an eye-catching exterior that takes from aircraft design and a lush interior that oozes high quality European design and aesthetics.  

To get an idea take a virtual tour of the Alto and see how it's modern design allows it to be both a compact yet luxurious space. 


4. ‘Must have’ interior fit outs

The devil is in the detail could not be more true than when it comes to caravan interiors. The interior of a luxury caravan should be one that excites and calms you all in one moment. It should feel like the kind of space you can call home, that feels comfortable, spacious, practical and relaxing.

The kind of features to look out for in a luxury caravan interior, include:

  • fully equipped kitchens with modern appliances from reputable brands

  • real hardwood cupboards and storage

  • full ensuites with showers & porcelain toilet bowls

  • home kitchen-quality benchtops and surfaces

  • high quality furniture and fabrics, including leather upholstery options

  • high quality sprung mattresses & adjustable beds

  • clever storage solutions throughout

  • reliable heating and air-conditioning

  • security & tech integrations including Foxtel

  • additional mod cons as your heart requires

To get an idea of how this translates to a caravan interior that oozes luxury, take a virtual tour of Roma Elegance and view its beautiful interiors.


5. Inbuilt storage from heaven

Just like your house, your caravan is another home and it should provide you with many logical places where you can store essential items, tuck away clutter, banish belongings to a hidden place, and help maximise your liveable space. A clean, uncluttered interior does wonders for the soul and also to exude that sense of luxury in the space you inhabit.

There are many areas where storage can be inbuilt, and typically the kind of storage solutions you should look for in a luxury caravan, include:

  • overhead cupboards in every conceivable space i.e. kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, lounge

  • robes with mirrored doors/full-length bedroom cupboards

  • below-sink kitchen cupboards, pantry space

  • additional underfloor storage

  • additional other storage options from under-mattress space to bedside tables & outdoor add-ons.

The more storage the merrier should always be the motto when it comes to luxury caravans. Great storage will keep your living space open, uncluttered and feeling spacious so you can unwind, entertain and live comfortably on a holiday or road trip. This in turn can transform the way you can live, breathe and move around your caravan.

And if this isn’t enough for you, there are other storage solutions you can add to minimise all clutter. To find some great other solutions read our blog on the 10 best caravan storage ideas for your next holiday.


6. High quality appliances

Matching a beautiful caravan exterior and interior with beautiful appliances is essential to a luxury caravan. It’s the icing that not only adds ‘x factor’ to a caravan but also a sense of practicality and reliability that can vouch for its overall quality, safety and reliability. Luxury appliances should not only look good but are easy to use, built to last and use the latest in design and technology trends. The kinds of appliances you should expect in a luxury caravan include:

  • 4 element gas or electric cooktops and oven

  • Large refrigerators

  • Integrated microwaves

  • digital radio with Internal & external speakers

  • reverse cycle roof mounted air conditioners

  • top loading washing machines

  • gas/electric hot water

And there are many more appliances you can add to create a greater sense of luxury within your caravan. The most important thing to note, when doing this, is that luxury items don’t always have to be expensive but more should exude a sense of being well built, highly useful, with good warranties, that have the capacity to make everyday tasks, from cooking and cleaning to washing and drying, easier and more fun.


7. Built for travel

Luxury is also about creating great experiences through ‘doing’, and in this, you need the right kind of caravan to match the kind of travel you'll be doing. If you’re planning to go off-road to explore the wilds and need a caravan that can endure the rigours of dirt roads, harsh weather, no mains power and the need for additional water and storage, then you need to look for an off road caravan that is set up for this kind of travel.

The kind of features that make off road caravans truly off road include:

  • stronger frames and chassis raised higher off ground

  • steel components that can withstand corrosion

  • heavy duty tyres and suspension

  • bumper bars that extend underneath
  • chequer plates and full dust proofing

  • under-van protection for water tanks

  • off-grid power sources i.e. batteries & solar panels

Equally if you’re looking to only travel on sealed roads with your family then a luxury standard-sized caravan fitted with all the essential items, from an ensuite to a full kitchen, is where you should start looking.

Matching the right caravan ‘model’ with the right travel ‘mode’ is key when it comes to providing a luxury experience in your caravan. With the right caravan you will use it more, experience more and take with you more great memories in life.


Comfort at its core

“Clever people always choose comfort over luxury”
 Celso Cukiekorn

Transforming the caravan experience from the everyday into something that inspires and motivates is what luxury caravans are all about. And comfort lies at the heart of this. If you’re not comfortable you won’t enjoy it, no matter how many luxury stickers are emblazoned on it.

From the ground up, every element that can instil a sense of personal comfort in your experience is what counts in turning the ordinary into the luxury. Your caravan needs to be built to suit your individual needs and requirements exactly, while at the same time including all the engineering know-how, design sophistication, safety standards, styling, generous warranties and innovations that keep it high tech.  

Your luxury caravan needs to be a caravan with personality, spirit, beauty, guts and that screams your name when you see it. It must feel good inside and out, be built to last and one that won’t let you down. And most importantly it must be a trusted friend and ally, a vehicle where you can chase you dreams, explore the world and take off on incredible holidays with your family and friends, where time is on your side and the only thing that makes sense is to relax, explore and unwind.


Want to know more about finding a luxury caravan that's right for you? Download our free guide to buying the ultimate caravan in 2016.