Victoria is a great state for caravan travel. From pristine wilderness to stunning coastlines, snow-capped mountain peaks and sun-kissed country towns bustling with culture and life, you won’t be hard pressed to find things to do on a Vic caravan road trip. But before you go, do a little planning and turn your next trip into the best adventure yet.

1. Decide where you want to go

First port of call for caravan trip planning in Victoria is to decide the kind of trip you want to do.

  • Do you have a luxury caravan and want to travel at a leisurely pace and stop from town to town?
  • A small caravan to travel the coastlines and see all the sights?
  • An off road caravan where you can head into the bush and find your piece paradise?

Whatever is your calling, the kind of caravan you settle on will largely dictate the mode of travel you can do.


2. Plan your route

Once you’ve landed on the style of caravan travel you want, you can start mapping out your route. The kind of things you want to determine first are:

  • How many days do you want to travel?
  • What distance do you want to travel?
  • Do you want to travel on or off road?
  • Is you caravan roadworthy and has it had a recent service?
  • Is you caravan insurance up to date?
  • Do you have roadside assistance as part of your insurance plan?
  • Have you packed properly for where you plan to go?

If you are going off road, in particular, you want to make sure your caravan is well-equipped to let you stay off grid for longer, from extra food to energy, fuel and water supplies. To find out if your caravan is properly set up to take you out bush read our other great blog 9 things that make an off road caravan truly off road.


3. Start mapping!

There are many useful tools online that can help you map out your caravan travel Victoria options, from start to finish, with information on distances, the grade of road you’ll be travelling on and the places you can stay along the way.

A handy tool you can use is Visit Victoria’s Route Planner, where you can map out an entire journey, from point to point, anywhere in Victoria.

For short weekend trips Go Make Some Memories is a great site dedicated to 3 hour weekend trips you can take from Melbourne – from the Yarra Valley to the Goldfields – offering interesting routes and sights to explore.

For off road travel, with no internet available, you can use tools like Hema 4WD Offline Maps allowing you plot routes, find your location, track in real time and record your trips offline on your mobile, ipad or laptop.

And for inspiration, check out Grey Nomads' section on Victoria, with great advice on must-see places to add to your endless bucket list.


4. Locate places to stay

With a route in mind, you next need to determine where you want to stay. Is it in a caravan park where you can set up for a few days or the whole holiday? A camp site in a state or national park? Or somewhere more temporary or permanent?

To find caravan parks in Victoria, check out:

For 4WD trips in state and national parks, check out Parks Victoria’s 4WD section and also information on its general camping sites.


5. Get covered

With your plan, before you head out the door ensure your caravan is fully roadworthy, with its registration up to date from Vic Roads and caravan insurance that covers the kind of travel you plan to do.

To find caravan insurance in Victoria you can use an insurance comparison tool, such as:

Or alternatively visit the websites of leading state insurers such as RACV Caravan Insurance or national insurers including:

And once you have all this lined up, you’ll be ready to hit the road and get the most out of Victoria!

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