While caravan kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces tend to be the features that lure you in, it’s the caravan bedroom that will make you fall in love with it when you take it on the road. A good bedroom means everything. It’s a place to rest, relax, recharge and give you the peace of mind of a good night’s sleep. The following are 5 key features to look for to help you find your perfect caravan bedroom.


1. The best floor layout & configuration

When buying a new or second hand caravan make sure the floor layout suits the kind of use you want out of your caravan.

If relaxing, reading and sleeping is a top priority then you may want to invest in a floor layout that maximises your bedroom space. Alternatively, if you have a large family and friends to accomodate, you will want to look for a caravan that offers more beds in the most practical and space-efficient way.

When it comes to configuration, you can choose from single, double, queen size and bunk bed options in your bedroom. Bed numbers and size will obviously depend on whether you intend the caravan to be a personal or family space.

Features that will help maximise the space and give you the best access to move around, include:

  • adjustable bed base/s with strut assisted lift
  • island bed configuration, with access from three sides
  • folding bed options.

It’s important to get this configuration right at the beginning as once installed it will dictate what else can be placed in the space.


2. A comfy mattress!

A huge part of getting a good night’s sleep is having a comfy mattresses. To avoid the horrors of lumps in the bed, saggy mattresses, or springs that creak every time you turn, make sure you invest in a good mattress so you can get the most out of every night of sleep in your caravan.

For caravan mattresses you have a choice of foam, latex or innerspring mattresses. What you choose will depend on your budget. Inner spring mattresses are more expensive than foam or latex, however, they also last longer and are more comfortable, making them a better choice in the long run.

And before you buy, make sure you sit on it so the lie down test. Your body will tell you pretty quickly what you find most confortable...and you can be forgiven if if you wake up a few hours later!


3. Clever storage solutions

Clever caravan storage solutions are important to help you maximise your bedroom space, especially for small caravans.

There are many ways you can do this, such as installing units overhead, under your bed, in side tables, cabinets and mirrored wardrobes.

Built in robes are also great to pack away your clothing and personal items. You can also make use of the inside door spaces, to hang, attach and stick other storage solutions to them.

Hanging storage spaces in particular, are a great addition when you’ve run out of cupboard space to help you store excess clothing, shoes, books, and many other personal items.

They’re easy to source, cheap to buy and hang off just about anything. The different hanging options you can choose from, include:

  • storage pigeon holes for folded clothes
  • magazine racks for storing craft and supplies
  • bed headboards to store your books and other bedside items
  • mesh shoe organisers for storing any small item

Collapsible and fold-up items are also a bedroom’s best friend when you have limited space. The types of fold up items you can use to help save space in your caravan, include:

  • collapsible boxes you can store under your bed
  • fold up beds with storage underneath
  • fold up trays and benches attached to wall sides


4. Luxury and a whole lot of privacy

As your own personal sanctuary, a bedroom should provide a sense of luxury, privacy and quiet that allows you to flop into bed, rest, read and block out the outside world.

When it comes to luxury in a bedroom, the fitout and finishes are important, from high quality curtain fabrics to solid oak cupboards for storage.

You want to make sure that your bed is well constructed, solid and built to last, as well as your built in robes and bedside tables. An addition of mirrored robes, overhead fans and lighting, plus additional aircon and heating will also help catapult your bedroom to a higher level of luxury and comfort.

When you’re sharing with others and staying in public places, the best way to maintain privacy in your bedrooms is through:

  • installing curtains, a partition or door, to separate your bedroom from other living spaces
  • thick curtains to block out light and outside visibility
  • windows that are well-sealed, double glazed, tinted, lockable and dust proof. 

This will protect you from the elements, keep you well insulated, increase your security and as a knock on effect also help reduce your caravan’s insurance premiums.


5. And one step to the loo...

Like at home, the closer your bedroom is to the toilet the more convenience and less hassle you will have in the middle of the night. In many luxury caravans with inbuilt toilets, the toilet will almost always be situated next to the bedroom. Make sure you get this detail right, it’s a really important feature that people often overlook and will have a knock on effect to the effectiveness of your bedroom. The right toilet location means ultra-convenience when you go to bed, with no bumps in the night, waking people up, or spooky trips to the outdoor amenities.


And now you’re sleeping!

If you can feel like your bedroom is its own unique space that ticks all the boxes when it comes to comfort, privacy and luxury, then you can be sure your caravan will look after you. Making the right choice in the bedroom will also translate to a better experience elsewhere, giving you space to live alongside others, a solution to deal with clutter, and more energy to enjoy every day. And how will you know you’ve made the right choice? You won’t have to sleep on it, you’ll just sleep, soundly, and for longer than you’ve ever done before. A perfect beginning, middle and end to your next and best caravan holiday!

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