All set for a big caravan trip but still need some caravan storage ideas to maximise your internal living spaces? 

One of the most precious commodities in a caravan is space – space to relax and unwind in, to cook and socialise in, snooze and sleep in, read and potter around in, and feel like you’re in your own home away from home. However, when you’re on holiday the last thing you want to be doing is tidying up all the time just to stay clutter free. This is where clever caravan storage ideas can step in and save the day, helping to keep all your belongings tucked away, out of sight, and make the most of keeping your luxury caravan interiors.

To give you some ideas, here are 10 storage solutions that are a cinch to implement: 

10 caravan storage ideas

The following 10 caravan storage ideas are easy to find, quick to implement and won't cost an arm or a leg:

  1. Hook into the hook potential and hang cooking utensils, coats, keys and other essential items off hooks from doors and walls, to save on floor and bench space.
  2. Use sleek cabinet storage containers that attach easily over your cupboard doors and can be hidden when the door is closed.
  3. Set up a compact over-sink drying rack so you can wash and dry items on the go and maximise your precious bench spaces.
  4. Get nesting bowls, cups and spoons that can fit neatly and easily in compact storage spaces.
  5. Install magnetic strips to hang sharp knives and metal cooking utensils off and minimise bench space clutter.
  6. Use hanging storage spaces, from pigeon holes to containers to store clothing, shoes, books, magazines, games and other personal items when you run out of cupboard space.
  7. Try slide-out sections, from kitchen drawers to storage boxes under beds, to store those ‘rainy day’ items that aren’t used every day.
  8. Invest in collapsible and fold up items, from silicon baking trays and fold-up beds, that collapse quickly, look neat and tidy, and can be stored easily in tight cupboard spaces.
  9. Attach new-age Velcro to the sides of furniture and other surfaces to attach all your electronic gadgets, keeping them all in one place.

Get creative and enjoy the process

As you can see, organising effective storage solutions before you travel can be a fun and creative process that doesn’t have to cost a bomb. 

They are also the perfect silent allies that can help elevate your luxury caravan interiors into what they were always designed for – beautiful calming spaces that are a delight to travel and live in!

And implementing these at the beginning is a great investment in the end, with less time spent tidying and cleaning on the go, and more time spent exploring and unwinding at your own pace, which is what caravan travel is all about!

Ready for your next big trip and want to get organised before you go?