10 best caravan storage ideas for your next holiday

From small caravans to custom caravans, storage space is a precious commodity and because of this, there are many clever caravan storage solutions devised to help keep clutter out of your favourite home on the road. The following 10 caravan storage ideas will help you stay organised, in control, and make sure your holiday is a real holiday.


1. Use the inside of your doors



There’s more to the inside of your doors than you think. They are the perfect blank canvas for additional storage space. From cupboards to bedroom and pantry doors, every door is an opportunity to hang, attach, stick or install a storage solution. And the beauty is they can be packed discreetly away without taking up additional space.

2. Hooked on hooks



Getting hooked on hooks is a good thing. By hanging essential items from a wall, door, roof, the side of a table, or any other conceivable space, you'll save yourself a tonne of space and ensure that stray items don’t clutter your floor and living areas. Hooks can be used for hanging a multitude of things, including:

  • towels in bathrooms
  • coats and dressing gowns
  • cooking utensils in the kitchen
  • food items on the sides of pantry shelves
  • keys and spectacles at the front door
  • pens, pencils, craft 
  • torches and other items inside cupboard doors

And many other places. Imagination is the only limit to how hooks can be used.

3. Velcro is your friend


Velcro no longer has to be a throwback to the '80s trend that locked down a grandpa's prized TV remote, replaced laces in shoes, and was almost impossible to remove. Today there are many excellent types of velcro that you can use on the sides of furniture fabric and hard surfaces. Use velcro to attach all your electronic gadgets, keeping them all in one place, easy to find and most importantly a breeze to detach and use.

4. Over cabinet storage containers and bins



Say goodbye to hanging ugly plastic bags hanging off door hooks when you run out of storage space! This solution is a great addition to other containers you will be using. They are compact, attach easily over cupboard doors and can be hidden when the door is closed.

5. Compact over-sink drying racks




These are wonderful to use even if you have a state of the art caravan with a dishwasher. Compact and vertically stacked, they can be placed over your sink and used to dry any items you use throughout the day, saving bench space for food preparation and making it easy to brew that well-deserved cup of tea!

6. Nesting bowls, cups and spoons


Nested items are great inventions. From bowls to measuring spoons, cups and saucepans, they are fun to stack, look a thing of perfection if you’re fussy about presentation, and can be easily packed away in tight cupboard spaces. Perfect for caravan storage spaces, the other side bonus is that they make great play things for little kids and will keep them busy stacking and unstacking for hours if the grandkids stop in for a visit. 

7. Magnetic strips



You can use strong magnetic strips like in any ordinary kitchen to hang sharp knives and metal cooking utensils from the wall, minimising clutter in your drawers and on your kitchen benches. It’s also a great solution for easy access while you’re cooking, while keeping them secure and locked down when you’re driving on the highway. 

8. Hanging storage spaces



Hanging storage spaces are a brilliant addition when you run out of cupboard space to store clothing, shoes, books, magazines, games and other personal items. They are cheap and easy to source, with most big storage suppliers such as Ikea offering an abundance of hanging storage options. There are many different hanging storage types, such as:

  • storage pigeon holes for folded clothes
  • magazine racks for storing craft and supplies
  • bed headboards to store your books and other bedside items
  • mesh shoe organisers for storing any small item
  • plastic hanging containers for the bathroom

9. Slide out sections


Slide out sections are great for storing items under furniture. Like a hidden compartment, you can hide them away for no one to see, and yet still access them quickly and easily. Great places to put slide out sections include:

  • slide out drawers in your kitchen cupboards
  • slide out drawers for under your dining table
  • slide out storage boxes on wheels under your bed for bedding and towels
  • slide out storage racks for spices and food in your kitchen cupboards 

10. Collapsible and fold up items


The ability to make things compact, such as a box or rack, is an important function when you have limited caravan storage space. They can be used when things become overcrowded and packed up when they are no longer needed. The types of fold up items you can use to help save space in your caravan include:

  • collapsible boxes you can store under your bed
  • collapsible kitchen items from strainers to silicon baking trays and tea pots
  • fold up beds with storage underneath
  • fold up trays and benches attached to walls

The key to a stress free holiday

Organising good caravan storage solutions before you travel is the key to a stress free trip, helping you save time from endless tidying, cleaning and searching for things you can’t find! Like when you’re at home, a tidy space can also reflect a calm mind. If you’re away for a long period of time and sharing with someone else, good storage is also crucial to help keep belongings in your own personal spaces and avoid tension from other people’s mess.

The best thing about additional storage solutions is that they can be added or removed whenever necessary, and are a very flexible and affordable for caravanners. Eliminating disorganisation will not only create an inviting space for you to relax and entertain friends, but also will allow you to focus more on enjoying the outdoors on your holiday- from hiking to sightseeing and swimming.

A good investment to make. 

If your storage needs are a little more permanent, it's worth considering a custom caravan next time you're in the market. With the ability to add cupboards, slide out sides, hooks and other storage solutions completely to your taste, they can make your caravan so convenient you may not want to go back home!


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