Ready to start planning for your next big adventure?

If you've always dreamed about taking a longer caravan trip than usual, from the big lap of Australia to a few months on tour, our guide can help you plan for the finer detail. 

More days away means more things to plan for. We understand this, which is why we've put together this comprehensive guide to help you get ready and make the most of your precious time away. 

Expert advice from Australia's oldest caravan manufacturer.

Our guide covers every step of the travel planning process, with information and advice on:

  • deciding the kind of travel you want to do
  • planning your itinerary and plotting out your routes
  • budgeting for all your expected travel expenses
  • preparing your caravan so it's perfect to tow
  • booking in advance so you get the best caravan sites
  • finding free camp sites in state and national parks
  • planning for emergencies and any kind of weather 
  • securing your home and staying connected on the road.

So you can feel confident and ready for the journey of a lifetime!

If you love to travel you will love this guide, helping you to plan like a pro for your next caravan trip. So download your free copy now!

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